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If you have a chipped, slightly misaligned, or otherwise imperfect tooth that drives you crazy, we may suggest cosmetic bonding. It’s perfect for quick fixes, but the results look seamless and can be trusted to last for over a decade. It’s ideal for those minor flaws that always draw your attention when you look in the mirror or see a photo of yourself. To learn more about this easy and effective procedure, keep reading, or give us a call today to get scheduled.

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What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Using the same composite resin material that goes into tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic bonding is an aesthetically focused procedure that involves applying the material to a stained, misshapen, or damaged tooth. It can be a viable, affordable alternative to veneers and be used in combination with other treatments to create a sensational new smile in a single visit.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Bonding?

If you have just one problem tooth that bothers you because it sticks out for all the wrong reasons, then you are likely the perfect candidate for cosmetic bonding. It enables Dr. Mitchell to target individual teeth that take away from the overall impression of the smile. As touched on above, it’s also budget-friendly, so it may be recommended for patients who don’t want to invest in veneers. And for patients with noticeable gaps (particularly between the two front teeth), cosmetic bonding can help close them and allow someone to completely avoid the need for orthodontic treatment.

The Cosmetic Bonding Process

Dr. Mitchell will sit down with you to go over what you would like to change about your teeth and smile, and based on your input, you can both decide whether or not cosmetic bonding would be a good fit for you.

If it is, he will apply the composite resin that’s been shaded to blend with your tooth's color in order to rebuild a pleasing shape. After hardening the resin with a curing light, he will artistically sculpt and polish the restoration so it looks like natural enamel. Typically, the entire procedure only takes about an hour.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

There are plenty of reasons why cosmetic bonding is an extremely popular service:

  • Lifelike Results: Between Dr. Mitchell’s skills as a cosmetic dentist and the quality of resin that he uses, bonding allows him to virtually erase dental flaws and make it seem like they were never there in the first place.
  • Fast: Too busy to enhance your smile? With cosmetic bonding, all you need is an hour to make a huge difference when it comes to your overall look and confidence.
  • Instant Orthodontics: Rather than having to spend years in braces to address gaps, cosmetic bonding can make them disappear instantly.
  • Affordable: Bonding is one of the most budget-friendly cosmetic treatments available, but the results will make people think you’ve spent top dollar on your teeth!

Results That Speak for Themselves

Talking about cosmetic bonding is one thing, but seeing what it can do for yourself is another. Here are just a few examples of real patients with the real smiles Dr. Mitchell has given them over the years.

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