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“Bridge” the Gaps in Your Grin

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Often enough, just missing a single tooth is a challenge. The resulting gap hurts your looks and harms your oral health. So, it’s only natural that losing several adjacent teeth is even worse. Luckily, though, there’s a solution for this latter problem: dental bridges. These prosthetics can “bridge” the gap in your grin to restore your smile! Better yet, we at North Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry offer the best around. To learn more about them, keep reading or call our office.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge laying against a blue background

At its core, a dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthetic. It consists of materials fused to either side of a pontic (i.e., replacement tooth). Therefore, it relies on your nearby teeth to anchor and remain secure.

Given its features, a dental bridge is best used to replace several missing teeth. Otherwise, the appliance doesn’t have strict requirements. Most patients with decent health (both physical and oral) can receive it from a qualified dentist. They’d then enjoy a full and beautiful grin again.

The Types of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge laying against a blue background

While you may want a bridge now, you must consult Dr. Mitchell first. He’ll assess your background to see if the prosthetic suits you. In case it does, he’ll then draft a treatment plan that best meets your needs.

Among other things, your treatment plan will decide between two possible bridges. They are the following:

Traditional Dental Bridge

A 3D illustration of a traditional dental bridge

As its name implies, the traditional bridge is the more popular one. It’s made of two (or more) crowns fused to a replacement tooth (or teeth). That being the case, it uses abutment teeth to stay in place.

Since it depends on nearby teeth, a traditional bridge alters your tooth structure. In particular, placing it requires a dentist to remove some enamel from the abutment sites.

Implant Bridge

A 3D illustration of an implant dental bridge

Compared to the regular kind, an implant bridge relies on dental implants. These latter prosthetics fuse with your jaw to replace your tooth roots. For that reason, an implant bridge won’t slip or fall like normal dentures might.

An implant bridge’s major perk is that it doesn’t alter your tooth structure. In other words, a dentist doesn’t need to remove any enamel to place it. On the flip side, though, this appliance is pricier than a standard bridge.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

A smiling woman pleased with her new dental bridge

No matter the type, a dental bridge will give you various advantages. The most common ones are:

  • A Lifelike Smile – Dental bridges blend seamlessly with adjacent teeth since they use porcelain material. Most people won’t even notice the appliance is artificial!
  • Straight Teeth – Because they fill your smile gaps, dental bridges keep nearby teeth from shifting. That means they ensure your other pearly whites are straight.
  • Higher Confidence – Due to restoring your grin, a dental bridge can boost your confidence. You’ll then feel more at ease with peers in social settings.
  • Enduring Effects – On average, a regular dental bridge can last for 15 years or more. Meanwhile, an implant-based kind could reach a lifespan of 20 years or more.

Ultimately, you can trust a dental bridge to replace many lost teeth. With that said, go ahead and book a consultation with us! Our office is eager to restore your grin and make it gorgeous.

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