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Advanced Dental Technology – North Dallas, TX

Technology to Make Your Dental Visits Better

dentist holding instruments and a hologram of a tooth

Some dental practices invest in all the newest technology just for the shiniest devices on the market. We have carefully researched and learned how to use some of the latest and greatest technology that can improve your experience as a patient. Not only can our advanced dental technology make your appointment more pleasant, but it can also help us keep your treatment less invasive by catching problems early. As a result, you stay healthy, happy, and smiling!

Intraoral Camera

dentist using an intraoral camera on a patient and looking at the image

Some dental issues can be difficult to grasp when you can’t see what’s going on in your mouth for yourself. An intraoral camera allows Dr. Mitchell to take closeup images of your teeth and gums, both for insurance claims as well as to show you what he sees. With these images, we can more clearly explain the problem as well as the solution.

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Digital X-rays

dentist pointing at digital X-rays

Even with his keen eye, there are areas of the mouth that Dr. Mitchell may not see with the naked eye. X-rays reveal cavities between teeth, jawbone density, and other issues that are not easily visible. With digital technology, he can inspect these images within minutes, leading to faster appointments. Plus, this newer process involves much less radiation!

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Soft Tissue laser 

closeup of a soft tissue laser in a patient’s mouth

At North Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re concerned about your soft tissues as well as your teeth. In the past, treating gums (whether for gum disease or cosmetic procedures) involved a scalpel and sutures. However, our soft tissue laser vastly reduces bleeding and recovery time, and a local anesthetic is often not even needed!

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection System  

patient smiling and giving an okay sign with her hand

In its early stages, tooth decay can be difficult to spot, even for a trained professional. The DIAGNOdent cavity detection system identifies areas where erosion and decay have started to develop. This means we can treat the issue as early as possible—before it becomes more serious, more painful, and more expensive to resolve.

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Velscope Oral Cancer Detection

hand with the words Stop Oral Cancer on it

Just as it’s important to catch cavities or gum disease sooner rather later, it’s even more critical to find oral cancer early. It becomes more deadly in later stages, but beginning signs can be easily overlooked. Our oral cancer detector causes potentially cancerous cells to fluoresce. If we see anything, we can refer you to your physician for further testing.

Digital Dental Imaging

patient and dental assistant looking at a tablet

When you’ve lived with your smile as it is, especially over a long time, it can be difficult to envision how your treated smile will look after your procedure. We take advantage of digital imaging by altering a photo of you to show you how the results will likely turn out. As a result, you can feel more assured and confident that treatment is going to give you a smile you’ll love.

Learn More About Digital Dental Imaging

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