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If you’re healthy, your mouth knows it.

November 18, 2017

Regular checkups don’t just prevent cavities and root canals. Preventative dentistry may also head off heart attack, stroke, diabetes – even catching oral cancer and osteoporosis early, before problems arise.

Every checkup includes a complete periodontal evaluation. That’s our part.

Your part is simple.

You brush, you floss, and every six months you come to Dr. Robert Mitchell, D.D.S.

Dental Care & Services in Dallas, TX

March 22, 2017

Quality Dental Care for Beautiful, Healthy Smiles 

Dr. Mitchell provides quality dental care in a comfortable, soothing environment. He invests in state-of-the-art technology and continuing education to bring you the best of modern dentistry. Our entire team is dedicated to optimizing your oral health through patient-focused care, meaning you’ll receive the specialized attention you deserve.

Voted a “Top Dallas Dentist,” Dr. Mitchell offers a variety of general dentistry, preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and tooth replacement procedures for extraordinary smiles. Our patients rely on his talent and experience to perform their dental work with precision and care. Dr. Mitchell will always treat you with respect, explaining your treatment options and answering your questions. During your exam, he’ll take pictures of your teeth and gums with an intraoral camera and display them on a chairside monitor. These images, along with short videos from our CAESY Patient Education System, can help you make wise decisions about the dental therapies that are right for you. If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Mitchell can use oral conscious sedation to alleviate your fears and promote a comfortable, positive experience. We are certified in Invisalign, Velscope, and Zoom! Whitening.

General, Preventive, Restorative, & Cosmetic Dentistry 

Review our list of services, and then call our North Dallas dental office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Mitchell. We serve patients from Highland Park, Plano, Richardson, and surrounding areas.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain Veneers
Professional Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Bonding and Contouring
Smiles Makeovers
General and Preventive Dentistry
Breath Treatment
TMJ Therapy
Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Therapy
Athletic Mouthguards
Gum Disease Therapy
Rotadent Toothbrushes
Restorative Dentistry and Replacement Teeth
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays
Crown and Bridgework
Dentures and Partials
Dental Implants
Root Canals
Full-Mouth Reconstruction
Sedation Dentistry
Technology and Patient Comforts


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Technology and Patient Comforts

September 12, 2016

Using Proven Techniques and Modern Technology for Outstanding Dental Care

We want you to enjoy your visit to our Dallas dental office. Dr. Mitchell uses state-of-the-art equipment and provides deluxe amenities to promote a positive experience. From educational tools that help you make informed decisions about your care to proven anesthesia methods that calm fears and foster successful treatment, we bring you the best of modern dentistry.

Educational Tools

1017529_110613153756_D10gDuring your checkup or new patient exam, we’ll take pictures inside your mouth with an intraoral camera and display them on a chairside monitor. Getting the same view of your oral health that Dr. Mitchell does helps you to become an informed partner in your dental care. These images, along with short videos from our CAESY Patient Education System, provide a wealth of information to help you decide which therapies will achieve your dental goals and fit your budget and schedule.

Digital images or a wax model of your smile altered to show the proposed effects of proposed therapies can also help you decide which treatments to pursue.

Digital Dentistry

We use digital X-rays to give us a comprehensive picture of your oral health. Digital radiography emits about 80% less radiation than a traditional X-ray, making it safer for you and earth-friendly. In addition, digital X-rays are instantly available for viewing on chairside monitors and can be sent electronically to insurance companies and specialists. Our digital Panorex machine provides a two-dimensional view of your entire oral cavity, aiding in efficient and thorough diagnoses.

Modern Diagnostics – DIAGNOdent and Velscope

State-of-the-art diagnostic tools have revolutionized dentistry. At your checkup or new patient exam, we will use a DIAGNOdent instead of a dental hook to check the health of your teeth. DIAGNOdent is a non-invasive laser that gently and efficiently locates areas of demineralization, the precursor to a cavity. Because DIAGNOdent provides early detection of decay, we can preserve more of your natural tooth when restoring it to health.

Our oral cancer screening tool is called Velscope. This life-saving technology uses a stream of light to locate suspicious mouth lesions that require follow-up. Oral cancer is a stealthy, destructive disease that’s often not caught until it has spread to the neck or lymph nodes. Early detection greatly improves survival chances, so we will screen your for oral cancer during your new patient exam and subsequent checkups.

Sedation Dentistry

Many people fear dentists and dental procedures. It’s a common phobia, but one that can be overcome. Dr. Mitchell uses sedation dentistry to calm nerves and promote a comfortable experience. We offer intravenous (IV) sedation, oral conscious sedation, as well as nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. Dr. Mitchell will help you determine which method is right for you.


Your comfort is important to us. While in our care, you’ll enjoy a variety of amenities. Refreshments are provided for your enjoyment, as are music headphones, movie goggles, massagers, blankets, and pillows. We also offer Netflix, Pandora Radio, and hot lavender towels after treatment.

General Dentistry in Dallas, TX

March 17, 2016

Skilled Dallas Dentist Helping Patients Maintain Healthy Smiles

A strong, healthy smile is something to be treasured. Proper preventive care can keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling great for years to come. As an experienced general dentist, Dr. Mitchell offers a variety of therapies to maximize oral wellness.

For optimal dental wellbeing, Dr. Mitchell recommends regular, six-month checkups. He may suggest products and techniques to optimize your oral homecare routine. He’ll use state-of-the-art tools (such as Velscope) to identify problems like tooth decay and oral cancer. Early diagnosis means timely intervention and treatment, which results in improved oral health. He’ll check your gum tissue for signs of periodontal disease and assess your bite alignment. If you’re an athlete or the parent of one, Dr. Mitchell might suggest a custom mouthguard to prevent sports-related oral injury.

General & Preventive Dentistry Services

Whatever your needs are, you can rely on Dr. Mitchell’s extensive training in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Call today to schedule a Complimentary Consult to discuss your General or Cosmetic Dental Needs. 972-233-1311.

Valentine’s Candies and Cavities

February 8, 2016

dental-teeth-sugarHalloween isn’t the only cavity holiday. Heart shaped boxes of chocolates, candy hearts, peanut butter hearts, and M&Ms are just a few popular candies every Valentine’s Day. These treats have concentrated amounts of sugar. Whenever sugar comes in contact with the bacteria in your mouth, an acid is produced that attacks teeth and can cause cavities.

Each tooth is covered by a hard mineral substance called enamel. The enamel helps to protect your teeth, but because it’s a mineral, it can break down when it makes contact with the acids in your mouth. This is one of many reasons why drinking water is really good for the health of your mouth. It washes over your teeth and gums along with your saliva, helping to combat the acid and buildup of bacteria. Sugars and starches are the main enemies here, because bacteria thrive on them.

Once enough bacteria builds up, it’s going to form into plaque and then tartar, two or more enemies of your enamel. If you fail to take care of your teeth by brushing, flossing and drinking plenty of water, then the tartar and plaque will eventually eat away at the enamel, forming tiny holes that compromise the hard surface. This is what’s known as tooth decay. If enough acid builds up over time, these tiny holes get a little larger until they eventually become cavities.

So what to do this Valentines Day??? 

Some foods and candies create more problems for your teeth than others, including those that are sticky, dissolve slowly or are sucked, such as lollipops, hard candies, toffee, gum drops, taffy, caramel, peanut brittle, and high-energy sports bars. Make wise candy choices this Valentine’s Day or do indulge in your Valentine’s treat but make sure to maintain good oral health. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice daily, flossing once per day, drinking lots of water and rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash are all excellent preventative measures. You can also avoid sugary or starchy foods and, of course, visit your dentist twice a year for regular, professional cleanings. (

If you need to schedule a cleaning or check-up please do not hesitate and call today (972-233-1311)








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